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2017 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair

2017 Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme cum Wine Storage Management Systems Certification Scheme Presentation Ceremony.


Sicilian Wine Master Class & Homemade Italian Wine Dinner

Thank you everyone for participating our Sicilian Wine Master Class and wine dinner. We are so glad to have Mr. Raimondo Romani, Mr. Federico Latteri & Ms. Sofia Bosco, owner of Tenute Bosco to present the wonderful wines with us. We all enjoy that night!


Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2017

We have a great experience at Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2017!


Wine To Gather Gourmet Festival at Windsor House

Wine To Gather Gourmet Festival was from 25th September to 3rd October. Collezione shared more than ten beautiful wines and got lots of positive feedback. Hope to see you next time!


Discovering Latest Italian Released Vintages

It's time for the first wine dinner of the season:"Discovering Latest Italian Vintages Released". Here are our special chefs for tonight, Raimondo Romani & the lovely Lisa Geddes, in the middle of the preparation, cooking for our guests only fresh Italian products from Mercato by Giando.


Tasting Event at Peak Castle

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming.Not only the special offer for the festival, but also you can have a chance to taste those beautiful wines at Peak Castle.



Thanks for coming tonight😊So glad to see you before typhoon "Hato" arrive.


Summer Tasting Event

Why don't have a drink to cool off??Collezione have selected lovely white wines and refreshing sparkling wines for you.Let's chill together!